Post/Redirect/Get plugin for zend-mvc controllers


Install via composer:

$ composer require zendframework/zend-mvc-plugin-prg

If you are using the zend-component-installer, you're done!

If not, you will need to add the component as a module to your application. Add the entry 'Zend\Mvc\Plugin\Prg' to your list of modules in your application configuration (typically one of config/application.config.php or config/modules.config.php).


When a user sends a POST request (e.g. after submitting a form), their browser will try to protect them from sending the POST again, breaking the back button, causing browser warnings and pop-ups, and sometimes reposting the form. Instead, when receiving a POST, we should store the data in a session container and redirect the user to a GET request.

This plugin can be invoked with two arguments:

  • $redirect, a string containing the redirect location, which can either be a named route or a URL, based on the contents of the second parameter.

  • $redirectToUrl, a boolean that when set to true, causes the first parameter to be treated as a URL instead of a route name (this is required when redirecting to a URL instead of a route). This argument defaults to false.

When no arguments are provided, the current matched route is used.

Example Usage

// Pass in the route/url you want to redirect to after the POST
$prg = $this->prg('/user/register', true);

if ($prg instanceof \Zend\Http\PhpEnvironment\Response) {
    // Returned a response to redirect us.
    return $prg;

if ($prg === false) {
    // This wasn't a POST request, but there were no params in the flash
    // messenger; this is probably the first time the form was loaded.
    return ['form' => $myForm];

// $prg is an array containing the POST params from the previous request

// ... your form processing code here


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