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Zend\Server\Reflection provides a standard mechanism for performing function and class introspection for use with server classes. It is based on PHP's Reflection API, augmenting it with methods for retrieving parameter and return value types and descriptions, a full list of function and method prototypes (i.e., all possible valid calling combinations), and function or method descriptions.

Typically, this functionality will only be used by developers of RPC-style server classes for the framework.


Basic usage is as follows:

use My\Entity;
use Zend\Server\Reflection;

$class    = Reflection::reflectClass(Entity::class);
$function = Reflection::reflectFunction('my_function');

// Get prototypes
$prototypes = $function->getPrototypes();

// Loop through each prototype for the function
foreach ($prototypes as $prototype) {

    // Get prototype return type
    printf("Return type: %s\n", $prototype->getReturnType());

    // Get prototype parameters
    $parameters = $prototype->getParameters();

    echo "Parameters: \n";
    foreach ($parameters as $parameter) {
        // Get parameter type
        printf("    %s\n", $parameter->getType());

// Get namespace for a class, function, or method.
// Namespaces may be set at instantiation time (second argument), or using
// setNamespace().

reflectFunction() returns a Zend\Server\Reflection\Function object; reflectClass() returns a Zend\Server\Reflection\Class object. Please refer to the API documentation to see what methods are available to each.

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