JSON-RPC has a special format for reporting error conditions. All errors need to provide, minimally, an error message and error code; optionally, they can provide additional data, such as a backtrace.

Error codes are derived from those recommended by the XML-RPC EPI project. Zend\Json\Server appropriately assigns the code based on the error condition. For application exceptions, the code '-32000' is used.

Zend\Json\Server\Error exposes the following methods:

  • setCode($code): Set the error code; if the code is not in the accepted XML-RPC error code range, -32000 will be assigned.
  • getCode(): Retrieve the current error code.
  • setMessage($message): Set the error message.
  • getMessage(): Retrieve the current error message.
  • setData($data): Set auxiliary data further qualifying the error, such as a backtrace.
  • getData(): Retrieve any current auxiliary error data.
  • toArray(): Cast the error to an array. The array will contain the keys 'code', 'message', and 'data'.
  • toJson(): Cast the error to a JSON-RPC error representation.

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