Zend\Json\Server\Server is the core class in the JSON-RPC offering; it handles all requests and returns the response payload. It has the following methods:

  • addFunction($function): Specify a userland function to attach to the server.
  • setClass($class): Specify a class or object to attach to the server; all public methods of that item will be exposed as JSON-RPC methods.
  • fault($fault = null, $code = 404, $data = null): Create and return a Zend\Json\Server\Error object.
  • handle($request = false): Handle a JSON-RPC request; optionally, pass a Zend\Json\Server\Request object to utilize (creates one by default).
  • getFunctions(): Return a list of all attached methods.
  • setRequest(Zend\Json\Server\Request $request): Specify a request object for the server to utilize.
  • getRequest(): Retrieve the request object used by the server.
  • setResponse(Zend\Json\Server\Response $response): Set the response object for the server to utilize.
  • getResponse(): Retrieve the response object used by the server.
  • setAutoEmitResponse($flag): Indicate whether the server should automatically emit the response and all headers; by default, this is TRUE.
  • autoEmitResponse(): Determine if auto-emission of the response is enabled. getServiceMap(): Retrieve the service map description in the form of a Zend\Json\Server\Smd object

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