Path-segregated routing

  • Since zend-expressive-router 3.1.0, zend-expressive-helpers 5.1.0, and zend-expressive-hal 1.1.0.

You may want to develop a self-contained module that you can then drop in to an existing application; you may even want to path-segregate it.

In such cases, you will want to use a different router instance, which has a huge number of ramifications:

  • You'll need separate routing middleware.
  • You'll need a separate UrlHelper instance, as well as its related middleware, if you are generating URIs.
  • If you are generating HAL, you'll need:
  • a separate URL generator for HAL that consumes the separate UrlHelper instance.
  • a separate LinkGenerator for HAL that consumes the separate URL generator.
  • a separate ResourceGenerator for HAL that consumes the separate LinkGenerator.

These tasks can be accomplished by writing your own factories, but that means a lot of extra code, and the potential for the factories to go out-of-sync with the official factories for these services. What should you do?

We provide details on how to accomplish these scenarios elsewhere:

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