Returning Method Not Allowed

When the path matches, but the HTTP method does not, your application should return a 405 Method Not Allowed status in response.

To enable that functionality, we provide Zend\Expressive\Router\Middleware\MethodNotAllowedMiddleware via the zend-expressive-router package.

This middleware triggers when the following conditions occur:

  • The request composes a RouteResult attribute (i.e., routing middleware has completed), AND
  • the route result indicates a routing failure due to HTTP method used (i.e., RouteResult::isMethodFailure() returns true).

When these conditions occur, the middleware will generate a response:

  • with a 405 Method Not Allowed status, AND
  • an Allow header indicating the HTTP methods allowed.

Pipe the middleware after the routing middleware; if using one or more of the implicit methods middleware, this middleware must be piped after them, as it will respond for any HTTP method!

// ...

(Note: if you used the Expressive skeleton, this middleware is likely already in your pipeline.)

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