Routing Adapters

The Route Collector

Zend\Expressive\Router\RouteCollector is a class that exists to help you create path-based routes, while simultaneously injecting them into a router instance.

It composes a Zend\Expressive\Router\RouterInterface instance via its constructor, and provides the following methods:

  • route()
  • any()
  • delete()
  • get()
  • patch()
  • post()
  • put()

These methods allow you to add routes to the underlying router. The last five all reference the HTTP method the generated route will answer to, and each have the same signature:

public function {method}(
    string $path,
    Psr\Http\Server\MiddlewareInterface $middleware,
    string $name = null
) : Zend\Expressive\Router\Route

The any() method has the same signature, but indicates that it will answer to any HTTP method.

Finally, route() has the following signature:

public function route(
    string $path,
    Psr\Http\Server\MiddlewareInterface $middleware,
    array $methods = null,
    string $name = null
) : Zend\Expressive\Router\Route

A null value for the $methods indicates any HTTP method is allowed.

Zend\Expressive\Application composes an instance of this class and proxies to it when any of the above methods are called. Zend\Expressive\Router\Middleware\RouteMiddleware, by default, composes the same router instance, allowing it to honor the definitions created.

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